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Vintasso Queen Upholstered Bed

Vintasso Queen Upholstered Bed

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Tastefully edited lines with faceted button tufting, elegantly proportioned wings with a double row of nailhead trim and soft faux leather give this fully upholstered bed the rich contemporary look you’ve been longing for. But this queen bed's real beauty? Its upscale design comes at a surprisingly low price. Finally, an affordable option for those with expensive taste.


  • 86"W x 70"D x 50"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Rail to floor
    alternateDimensionMm 127
    alternateDimensionInches 5
    description Panel to floor
    alternateDimensionMm 368.3
    alternateDimensionInches 14.5
    description Footboard
    widthMm 1606.55
    widthInches 63.25
    heightMm 273.05
    heightInches 10.75
    depthMm 44.45
    depthInches 1.75
    description Assembled queen panel bed
    widthMm 2184.4
    widthInches 86
    heightMm 1257.3
    heightInches 49.5
    depthMm 1758.95
    depthInches 69.25
    description Rail width
    alternateDimensionMm 1549.4
    alternateDimensionInches 61
    description Headboard
    widthMm 1758.95
    widthInches 69.25
    heightMm 1257.3
    heightInches 49.5
    depthMm 139.7
    depthInches 5.5
    description Adjustable height (max)
    alternateDimensionMm 1409.7
    alternateDimensionInches 55.5
    description Adjustable height (min)
    alternateDimensionMm 1257.3
    alternateDimensionInches 49.5

Signature Design by Ashley®

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