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Mohsen Vase (Set of 2)

Mohsen Vase (Set of 2)

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Stunning in goldtone and white, this 2-piece vase set is what your home’s been missing. Varying sizes in the honeycomb-inspired geometric pattern bring visual appeal. These vases aren’t just good for looks, they’re durable enough to go outside, too. How’s that for style?


  • 0"W x 0"D x 0"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Vase-large
    widthMm 158.75
    widthInches 6.25
    heightMm 381
    heightInches 15
    depthMm 158.75
    depthInches 6.25
    description Vase-small
    widthMm 152.4
    widthInches 6
    heightMm 317.5
    heightInches 12.5
    depthMm 152.4
    depthInches 6

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