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Johurst Counter Height Dining Table

Johurst Counter Height Dining Table

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Reminiscent of lodge style furnishings, this counter-height gathering table provides plenty of space for family dinners or meals with friends. Cleverly designed base features display shelf and cabinet with doors on either side for easy access.


  • 75"W x 42"D x 36"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Apron to floor
    alternateDimensionMm 825.5
    alternateDimensionInches 32.5
    description Opening
    widthMm 920.75
    widthInches 36.25
    heightMm 422.4
    heightInches 16.63
    depthMm 463.55
    depthInches 18.25
    description Door opening (2)
    widthMm 787.4
    widthInches 31
    heightMm 266.7
    heightInches 10.5
    depthMm 336.55
    depthInches 13.25


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