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Clonmel Left-Arm Facing Chaise

Clonmel Left-Arm Facing Chaise

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This left-arm facing chaise is made with polyester upholstery. Pairs with other items in the series to make a sectional.


  • 45"W x 70"D x 40"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Arm height
    alternateDimensionMm 635
    alternateDimensionInches 25
    description Distance between recliner and wall
    alternateDimensionMm 406.4
    alternateDimensionInches 16
    description Fully reclined length
    alternateDimensionMm 2108.2
    alternateDimensionInches 83
    description Minimum width of doorway for delivery
    alternateDimensionMm 812.8
    alternateDimensionInches 32
    description Seat depth
    alternateDimensionMm 1320.8
    alternateDimensionInches 52
    description Seat height
    alternateDimensionMm 457.2
    alternateDimensionInches 18
    description Leg height
    alternateDimensionMm 57.15
    alternateDimensionInches 2.25
    description Seat width
    alternateDimensionMm 812.8
    alternateDimensionInches 32
    description Fully reclined height
    alternateDimensionMm 838.2
    alternateDimensionInches 33

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