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Composer Power Recliner

Composer Power Recliner

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Movie nights will be forever changed with this power recliner. The adjustable Easy Viewâ„¢ headrest allows a primo view of the TV no matter how far back you recline and the extended ottoman provides extra room to really stretch out. Ultra-cool lattice stitching elevates the look and ambient LED lighting completes the theater-style experience. So relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy the show.


  • 35"W x 39"D x 41"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Seat width
    alternateDimensionMm 552.45
    alternateDimensionInches 21.75
    description Seat depth
    alternateDimensionMm 488.95
    alternateDimensionInches 19.25
    description Seat height
    alternateDimensionMm 482.6
    alternateDimensionInches 19
    description Distance between arms
    alternateDimensionMm 571.5
    alternateDimensionInches 22.5
    description Arm height
    alternateDimensionMm 622.3
    alternateDimensionInches 24.5
    description Opening (2)
    widthMm 101.6
    widthInches 4
    heightMm 123.95
    heightInches 4.88
    depthMm 422.4
    depthInches 16.63
    description Footrest height
    alternateDimensionMm 520.7
    alternateDimensionInches 20.5
    description Distance between recliner and wall
    alternateDimensionMm 101.6
    alternateDimensionInches 4
    description Cord length
    alternateDimensionMm 3048
    alternateDimensionInches 120
    description Fully reclined height
    alternateDimensionMm 742.95
    alternateDimensionInches 29.25
    description Fully reclined length
    alternateDimensionMm 1784.35
    alternateDimensionInches 70.25

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