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Acieona Reclining Loveseat with Console

Acieona Reclining Loveseat with Console

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If its quilted bustle back weren’t enough, this loveseat has overstuffed arms that elevate comfort to new heights. Center console has handy cup holders as well as an ingenious storage compartment. Ultra-soft chenille upholstery makes this piece beyond luxurious.


  • 79"W x 39"D x 42"H

    Additional Dimensions: (Inch/Cm)

    description Console opening
    widthMm 211
    widthInches 8.31
    heightMm 308
    heightInches 12.13
    depthMm 85
    depthInches 3.35
    description Minimum width of doorway for delivery
    alternateDimensionMm 812.8
    alternateDimensionInches 32
    description Reclined footrest height
    alternateDimensionMm 457.2
    alternateDimensionInches 18
    description Fully reclined length
    alternateDimensionMm 1676.4
    alternateDimensionInches 66
    description Seat depth
    alternateDimensionMm 558.8
    alternateDimensionInches 22
    description Seat height
    alternateDimensionMm 533.4
    alternateDimensionInches 21
    description Distance between recliner and wall
    alternateDimensionMm 76.2
    alternateDimensionInches 3
    description Arm height
    alternateDimensionMm 660.4
    alternateDimensionInches 26
    description Console width
    alternateDimensionMm 317.5
    alternateDimensionInches 12.5
    description Seat Width
    alternateDimensionMm 527.05
    alternateDimensionInches 20.75
    description Top of cushion to top of back
    alternateDimensionMm 533.4
    alternateDimensionInches 21

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